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My doctor has recommended PT, but is it necessary?

Your doctor recommended you for PT for a reason. Your choice to participate in PT allows you to be proactive and follow the recommendations that are medically necessary for full recovery. We maintain having a close relationship with your physician and coordinate care as a team.

We now know that PT is essential after every injury, even minor ones. Any time pain disrupts normal movement, you need an expert to help get you back on track. If not, you are much more likely to have a recurrence of an injury or take much longer for that injury to resolve. 

Why is Direct PT right for my physical therapy needs?

Two great reasons:

1)     Our phenomenal payment model which completely eliminates insurance hassles

Complex – and often, nonsensical – Medical insurance restrictions and regulations have proven that the current system is not the answer for better care and treatment.

Founded by experienced physical therapy professionals with clinic-ownership knowledge, Direct PT has pioneered an approach to PT care that gets rid of insurance problems through a membership-fee model, follows best practices, and is focused directly on your needs.

2)     Our adherence to EXCEPTIONAL care, connection, and experience.

Direct PT assures top-level treatment throughout your course of care

There is a common misconception that all physical therapy is the same - that simply couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Vast differences exist in experience level, treatment philosophy, and customer service.

Direct PT’s sister clinic, Elite PT, is the training ground for some of the best PTs in the country.  Direct PT operates under that same commitment to care. We just do it on a different payment structure.


How is care through Direct PT different from traditional PT?

With insurance in the way there’s often a limit on number of visits, limits on the types of treatments allowed, and limits to how long you can be seen in treatment. Imagine only paying an affordable monthly fee and get 100% of the physical care you need to get back to good health.


Why should I join if I don’t need PT services?

Peace of Mind.  You can trust that anytime you or a loved one suffered from an ache or pain, you could show up to Direct PT and NEVER pay anything beyond only your nominal monthly fee. Direct PT eliminates going through the hoops of the traditional medical model. The current model of healthcare only covers you if you are sick or injured. If you have had an injury in the past, why wouldn’t you want to protect yourself from a hefty cop-pay or the time and effort of coordinating insurance benefits?

Value. You also save money, a tremendous amount of money, in the long run. In the traditional model, PT visits can be $100 to $250 per visit. With Direct PT, your treatment visits are between 70% and 90% less than that. Best of all, the rate you pay at Direct PT will never change as long as you maintain your membership.

What If I need care right away?

For a slightly higher monthly rate and a three-year agreement, Direct PT is immediately available to treat you right away.  Our members are our first priority.


I have insurance coverage for PT. How is this handled?

Direct PT eliminates the middleman. This means that the insurance plan is blocked from forcing decision-making. You pay a small monthly fee for any PT that is medically necessary. Having insurance does not affect the care you get from Direct PT in any way.


Do I need a physician referral?

Absolutely not in the state of Kansas.

Do you accept my diagnosis?

Direct PT treats acute or sub-acute orthopedic injuries. Conditions NOT covered include, but are not limited to: 

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Myofascial Pain Syndrome
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Neurological Conditions – e.g. stroke/ MS/ ALS, etc.
  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or RSD
  • Congenital Conditions - Cerebral palsy, joint deformities 
  • Any condition deemed not appropriate by a Direct PT therapist

What if I have Medicare?

Medicare has a “mandatory claims requirement,” which means that legally, you cannot pay cash for your care. If you have Medicare, however, there is a federal exception to this requirement. Visit with a Direct PT professional for guidance so you can fully understand your rights. 

How can Direct PT afford to do care this way?

We believe that you, the patient, deserve the right to both exceptional and affordable care.  In fact, that’s our tagline – Exceptional Care, Affordable Delivery. Together, Troy Robert and Biagio Mazza have more than 40 years in the PT business. Direct PTs membership model delivers affordability by eliminating overhead and getting rid of the costs and regulations of insurance company involvement.

When you cut out the middleman – insurance companies – we have the freedom to establish what is best for you, the patient. We did away with the middleman to create an environment that assures exceptional care and affordable delivery.

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